This audio is the original recording of Babaji talking about His Tapas experience. Some of you may have a copy of the book ‘His Master’s Grace’ which is the transcription of this talk. The original audio on which the book was based is now available for you to download.

This amazing account, by a Realized Master is most rare and precious. In this audio Babaji answers a series of questions, explaining the different aspects of Tapas, the challenges and experiences He underwent. He speaks of the unique way that His beloved Guru, Swamiji, trained Him, preparing Him for all that He had to endure as He maintained His Tapas through five years. He explains how the twenty years of selfless service and devotion created that faith, discipline and determination to ‘do or die’ as His Guru encouraged and how He had to face one final test before successfully completing Tapas and achieving Liberation.

Babaji has provided us with a unique insight into the mysteries of meditation at its highest pitch and how the different paths of spirituality work together under the guidance of a Realized Guru to enable Tapas to be successfully completed.

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A short section from ‘His Master’s Grace’

“I know devotees around the world will always be curious to know what happens actually when Realization occurs. Is this Realization granted by The Divine, somebody coming in the form of a human or some such thing? How does it happen? Actually, spirituality, Realization means the mind that was totally active and which had acquired the habits since time immemorial, comes to an end, totally and completely, once for all. The mind abandons all type of cravings and imaginations and stops taking any further imprints, and gradually gets absorbed into the Ultimate Truth.

This Ultimate Truth, some call it as Self, some call it as God, how you can call It anything? But it really does not occur to a Yogi in a way that a definition can be given. Because when this happens, when the mind comes to an end, it is totally absorbed into the Self. There is total contentment. There is no further craving. Even the thought of ‘I’ also does not occur. It is something like there is no ‘seen’ and nobody watching that ‘seen’. Simply you become aware of existence, without any definitions. It is supreme Peace. This is what the experience is. Because the Self is the abode of Peace. Because the mind was in craving, so that mind was missing this Peace. So now the mind has come to an end. It has settled peacefully into the existence of the Self, and now there is supreme Peace.

This is what actually happens and until that physical body exists, a Yogi lives as a Jivanmukti, totally Liberated one while alive. Because the mind does not go into any further cravings or picturizations it does not take any imprints. No world sits into the mind. There is simply Supreme Peace and awareness of the existence of the Self. This is what happens.”