Adi Shankaracharya is one of the most illustrious figures in the rich spiritual history of India. He worked tirelessly to establish the sublime teachings of Advaita Vedanta – the philosophy of Oneness. He also advocated the devotional path (bhakti marga) through his various compositions which have been sung through the ages. This CD comprises two compositions, Nirvana Shatkam and Bhaja Govindam, which capture the essence of the various paths illuminated by the great Master. They are beautifully sung by the Self Realized Master Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi, for whom these verses were a source of deep inspiration in his own extraordinary spiritual life.

Nirvana Shatkam is a masterful summary of the entire philosophy of Advaita (nondualism) in six verses. Speaking from his experience of the truth, Adi Shankaracharya exclaims, “I am the Existence in total silence whose nature is perfect knowledge and supreme peace.”

Bhaja Govindam is a devotional masterpiece which deals with the impermanence of the world and the futility of seeking happiness in it. The immortal words of Shankaracharya ring out – “Worship the Lord! For when death comes to this body, neither your wealth nor health nor worldly status will come to your rescue.”

This collection of nine devotional songs is sung by the Self Realized Master Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi. His rich melodious voice is infused with deep devotion and love, calming and soothing our minds into peace and happiness. As you allow yourself to immerse in the enchanting sounds you will feel the transformative power of pure devotion that over so many centuries inspired so many to deepen their faith and spiritual practice.

1. Gaayiye Ganapati
2. Guru Govinda
3. Jaya Gurudev Dayaanidhe
4. Manasa Bhajare
5. Balyogi Shankara
6. Shambho Shankara Goureesha
7. Dhimika Dhimika Dhim
8. Koyi Kahi Yorey Pradhu Awanakee
9. Durgati Naashini


Amrita Varsha (Showers of Nectar) : Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi lends His mellifluous voice to a selection of these timeless bhajans in Amrita Varsha. Once more the eternal verses comes alive at the hands of a Self-realized Master – one whose life is characterized by decades of selfless service to His Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj culminating in an intense period of unbroken meditation. In this professional recording accompanied by master classical musicians, Shri Babaji delivers His spontaneous and distinctive renditions of the classic bhajans. Burning with the fire of thousands of years of spiritual effort, they are presented as a sublime celebration of the path of devotion and underscore the uplifting power of music in the search for Truth. The songs are:

1. Om Shiva Shankara
2. Shree Ramachandra Kripalu Bhajamana
3. Lingaashtakam
4. Devi Dukha Harini
5. Jaya Durgey
6. Hanuman Chaleesa
7. Shri Rama Arati & Naamavali

Available  in Audio CD only

Bhakti Chandan – Fragrance of Devotion : A compilation of timeless bhajans sung by Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi. Each song in this compilation has a special significance in the ineffable relationship between Shri Babaji and His Divine Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. Bhakti Chandan is a beautiful compilation of life bhajans sung by Shri Babaji. His Holiness Shri Babaji has a unique style of singing and was accompanied by professional classical Indian musicians, transport the listeners to the magnificent scene of the Dehra Dun Ashram, cloaked in the ancient mist of the Himalayas and steeped in the incense of meditation and devotion. The songs are:

1. Moushika Vahana
2. Satyaraju Mahadeva
3. Bhava Sagara
4. Raghupati Shri Ramachandra
5. Mangala Maaye
6. Shiva Hara Gurudeva
7. Shri Swamiji Aarati
8. Om Jai Jagadish Hare
9. Closing Mantras

Available  in Audio CD only

Yoga Shradhanjali : The songs rendered in this album are a loving dedication to God in the form of Shiva and Shakti. It is indeed a rare occurrence when a Self-Realised Yogi’s devotional expression are recorded and made available to the general public. These songs have the power to induce Divine vibrations each time it is played. Shri Shri Shri Shivarudra Balayogi radiates the sweet devotional fragrance of the Himalayas into the hearts of earnest aspirants seeking the path of Divinity. This is truly a precious gift from the loving Guru to humanity. The songs are:

1. Anantha Roopini
2. Nacha Vyoma Bhoomirna
3. Twame Brahma
4. Sambha Sadhashiva
5. Jaya Baghawati
6. Shankara Shankara

Available  in Audio CD and Cassette Tape

An Evening with a Himalayan Yogi The songs in this album are sung by Babaji’s devotees in praise of the Divine Energy in Its various Forms. The collection of songs was recorded during a public programme in Malaysia and is a humble offering of our love and devotion in the form of music to our Beloved Guru. There are 2 CDs in this album.

CD 1 CD 2
Babaji Tere Charanome Hara Ganggai
Shambo Mahadeva Amma Thaye
PalaJanmanggal Mere Bhagavan
Umaiyavaley Devi Kanya Kumari
Karunai Kadalamma Bolo Bolo
Rama Krishna Govinda Arathi of Shri Swamiji & Shri Babaji
Unnai Ninaikaadha

Available  in Audio CD and Cassette Tape

Parashakti Karunai This album is a dedication to the Divine Mother in all her Forms, who is an eternal ocean of compassion and kindness. These songs are a beautiful tribute to the source of all creation, the Divine Energy. There are 9 songs in this album. 6 of the songs are sung by renowned singers from India and 3 other songs are sung by singers from the Malaysian chapter of the Mission. The songs are:

1. Aathi Mudhalvaney & Amma Thayae by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
2. Mukthitharum Thayae by Chithra
3. Pallajanmanggal & Ananda Ananda by Unni Menon
4. Ananda Ananda & Bhagawan by Sujatha
5. Adivarapupetta by Vasudevan Ganggadharan
6. Mayil Vaagananey by Sree Krishnan Ganggadharan
7. Enggal Gurudeva by Devagi Ganggadharan

Available  in Audio CD and Cassette Tape