On 26th October 2015, Shri Babaji visited Primus College in Port Klang to bless the students and staff of the college.

With the help of the college students, an altar and dais were set up in the main hall of the college to welcome Shri Babaji. Approximately 150 students and college staff, as well as other devotees, filled the hall, excitedly waiting for Shri Babaji’s arrival.

Shri Babaji arrived at the college at 8 pm and was received by the students and staff of the college. The programme began with a paatha pooja for Shri Babaji by the college staff. Shri Babaji then addressed the students of the college, motivating them to be good and do good, to meditate and realise their true Self. The students then performed aarathi for Shri Babaji in small groups. Bhajans were sung as Shri Babaji gave blessings to all who attended the programme.