His Holiness Shri Shri Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj visited Malaysia from 17 – 24 April 2011 was celebrated in an elaborate manner given that this year marks the 10th Anniversary Visit of His Holiness’s to Malaysia. It was indeed a gloriously blessed week for Malaysia. The presence of a Yogi in His physical form is indeed a gift from the Divine. His Holiness, who is lovingly called Shri Babaji was accorded a warm welcome at the airport and driven directly to the Malaysian Mission Centre for a traditional welcome befitting a Yogi.

After a day of rest, a picnic visit to Port Dickson, a sea side town was organized on Tuesday, 19 April 2011. In the words of Shri Babaji, picnic visits help to keep the mind stress free where devotees can enjoy some peaceful, happy moments. Indeed it was a very relaxed and blissfully enjoyable day by the sea. During the evening Satsang, Shri Babaji talked about the essence of being in a mission, where every devotee should regard the Mission as family and all should live for others. Personal egos should be sacrificed when one works for the Mission. Shri Babaji’s parting words were, “always think of others”.

A Home Darshan programme at the Mission centre was organized the following day. After the Patha Pooja, Shri Babaji addressed the devotees, with a powerful, impactful message that underlined His likes and dislikes. Smiling faces all the time, speaking lovingly in a soft voice and using proper language when communicating are of utmost priority not only whilst in the Mission but at all times. If one needs to say ‘no’ say it with a smile. Even when one has to be firm one must be polite. Losing one’s temper over small issues and when things do not go the way one wants it to happen are actions totally disliked by Shri Babaji. Shri Babaji also talked about temper management at all levels. Both the young and the old must at all times communicate in a courteous manner.

Shri Babaji reminded all that the Mission is a Family and all the devotees must travel in Babaji’s ‘ship’. Every devotee must act as a good human being, that is what Spirituality is all about. Shri Babaji highlighted the following virtues that all must practice: uphold human values, care for others, sacrifice the ego, collectively take a decision, do not dictate, be transparent and above all do not practise politics in the Mission.

Shri Babaji finally concluded by saying that all devotees should endeavour to adopt all that He has said and His words must penetrate into the inner layers of the mind. By making this their sadhana, devotees will be able to do good and speak of good things all the time. Shri Babaji appealed to the devotees to display in their character, culture, speech and practice the values that He had touched on.

On Friday, 22 April 2011, Shri Babaji, Ambaji and devotees from the Rawang Mission Centre went to Ipoh for a Darshan programme. . Shri Babaji was greeted by the chanting of the ‘Shiva Brahmasmi’. After the Patha Pooja Shri Babaji performed arathi for His Guru and took His seat on the dais. A short Q & A followed and the striking acknowledgment made by the devotees was that our Beloved Shri Babaji is a Guru who lives by what He teaches. The evening Satsang and Darshan programme drew a large gathering of devotees and spiritual aspirants who were absorbed in the Grace of the Divine Yogi present in their midst. Shri Babaji in His Satsang said that His messages are for all who want to learn and seek the Truth. Again the message on temper management was highlighted.

On the morning of 23 April 2011, Shri Babaji and His entourage from Rawang visited the Ipoh Mission centre. After breakfast , Shri Babaji spoke to the devotees about the role of the National body of the Malaysian Mission, the advent of half and full day silent retreats and the 10th Anniversary celebrations in October 2011.

On the same day Shri Babaji left for Sitiawan, where a Ghantharva Maha Agni Hotra pooja was conducted at the Sithi Vinayagar Temple. Close to 800 members of the public attended this programme. Most of them were being in Shri Babaji’s presence for the first time. The pin drop silence during Shri Babaji’s Satsang just before He performed the poornahuthi during the Maha Agni Hotra pooja was evidence that all present were, each in their own way, having an exhilarating spiritual experience.

24 April 2011, Shri Babaji left for Singapore, to begin the second leg of His ‘Meditate with an Enlightened Master World Tour 2011’. It was a spiritually fulfilling week, and although the feeling of emptiness was in the air at the airport, each devotee was left with the arduous task of managing their temper, taking Shri Babaji’s teachings seriously and cultivating and building their character to be worthy of their Guru’s teachings.