Since ancient times Indians celebrate the Divine Mother Day. This is known as Vijay Dashami Day. Also it is celebrated as the victorious day for Lord Rama’s triumph over the demon king Ravana who had forcibly taken away Rama’s wife Seeta.

This is also known as Navaratri. Signifying nine days of rise of the evil, and the Supreme Energy manifesting as Mother Divine and bringing down the evil manifested demonic Mahishasura. Mahishasura signifies the arrogant ego of the consciouness. Due to this ego, consciousness, as mind, becomes corrupted; the Divine Mother slaying the evils of the mind to purify it so it is eligible to become one with its Supreme Truth.

Nava also means New. Once the evil is brought down a new era shall dawn upon the creation so that all beings live harmoniously by practicing spiritual excercises, be closer to the truth and eventually in the Awareness of their True Existence.

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.

With love and blessings,