20th September, 1954, 56 years ago, this body was born and one day this body is going to die. That’s all if we just look at the body. Its birthday is celebrated happily, and when it dies, sadly have to take leave whether one likes or not. One thing we cannot forget, Shri Guru Maharaj always spoke about the human birth as a gem and rarest of rare chances to become aware of ourselves, the Supreme Consciousness of Existence, which also gives us the awareness as ourselves.

So many imaginations about this Self (consciousness) as body, as name, as status, as personality, as character, and what not,all sit in the mind as ego imagination. Ego is because consciousness, losing the awareness of Self and creates an ugly situation to Self through imagination, and becomes miserable unnecessarily. Tamasicsituation. Tamas is darkness of ignorance symbolically. We are grateful to Guru Maharaj Shivabalayogi’s Grace and Blessings for teaching, guiding, inspiring, and doing everything and making me to do all such sadhana to become aware of the Ultimate Truth, the Self. We are grateful that, as a child, a fear occurred about death and its consequences. We are grateful that a non scattered, non confused, spontaneous, firm urge came to know and become aware of the Self. Teachings of some spiritual giants helped us to dream and pray for such a Guru, who would have Liberated Himself and would be able to lead me to such Liberation. Dream came true, it was granted.  The Spiritual Giant, my Master came and took me onto His lap. Birth of this body became worthy, became blessed to be able to see Him in physical body and live at His Lotus Feet for years.

That should be the dream for everybody. Beware of the impermanence of this universe, your body and what you call as life on this earth. Dream of becoming aware of the Truth of your Existence and then it is Real Peace, enjoyment, happiness and everything that you can imagine and that you cannot imagine. Birthday will be enjoyable, death day is also enjoyable, life is also enjoyable. Nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

May you all be blessed to enjoy,

Love and Blessings,

Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi