Divine MotherUsually a festival in the name of religion has a spiritual significance apart from being linked to some traditions or myths or being a way for devotees to gather together and enjoy the occasion. Dussera is the last and tenth day of Navaratras. Traditional significance is that Lord Rama is supposed to have killed the wicked Ravana who had forcibly taken away His wife Devi Seeta. In several parts of the country it is also celebrated as the victory of Mother Goddess over the demon Mahishasura and his forces.

Trying to view it from the spiritual point of view, in some of my previous talks and writings I had explained the concept of Divine Mother as taught by my Master Shivabalayogi. The Ultimate Truth of Existence is recognized as Parabrahman, Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is the Supreme Consciousness of Existence and Shakti is the Supreme Energy. Actually both Consciousness and Energy are one entity. For sake of teaching and communication the terms of Shiva and Shakti are used. Shiva is Supreme Consciousness of Existence in total Silence and Shakti is the Supreme Energy that is present in that Supreme Existence.

Many teachers talk of energy and energy movements, even about the energy being stuck or blocked etc.. What my Guru taught was that a sadhak, meaning spiritual seeker, when trying to Meditate should simply practice watching, in this case in between eyebrows, consciously, without bothering about energy or its movements as it gets channelized automatically when one practices this concentration through simply watching. The Divine Guru said watching is different from thinking, when you are trying to watch, you are actually trying to be silent in every way. When you achieve this watching, mind gets concentrated, and automatically energy also gets concentrated. He said you have to watch that consciousness only as nobody has seen energy itself with the naked eyes. As consciousness and energy are inseparable entities, when you watch that consciousness, in this case known as mind, automatically unknown to you, you are watching the energy also and the consciousness and energy are becoming concentrated together. When sadhak is able to concentrate consciously in between eyebrows automatically energy also raises that which is spread all over the body. This energy in the body is known is known as kundalini. This kundalini has given one the consciousness of body as the self.

Mahisha meaning buffalo. Mahishasura is the concept of Mind which has come away from the Real Self, losing that awareness and has become involved in its own imaginations forming a whirlpool of illusions. The story says when Mother Goddess attempted to slay Mahishasura as many of his blood drops fell on the ground, equal number of other forms of demons appeared in their place. Legend says that then the Divine Mother taking the form of Goddess Kali held all the blood drops on her tongue and Mahishasura got killed finally. Here the significance is that when you become firm and committed to just watching in meditation all blood drops which symbolize the imaginations of mind – its thought process and visual effects – finally come to an end. Mind is a bundle of thoughts. When the mind recedes it means the end of Mahishasura and thus all imaginations come to an end. Legend says that Mahishasura being slain by Mother Goddess attained Liberation. When one meditates with full commitment and in a disciplined way the Divine Goddess will slay the illusionary imaginations in the mind and thus Liberate the mind to merge with the Ultimate Truth, the Supremely Consciousness and Energy. That will truly be the victorious Dussera day for that imagined individual who shall attain Sakshaatkaara, meaning Self Realization.

The Divine Goddess who gave Liberation to my imagined individuality and merging the mind with the Supreme Consciousness is none other than the Divine Guru SHIVABALAYOGI.

With Love and Blessings,