There will be a wonderful opportunity to listen to Shri Babaji answering questions in a live radio interview with Laurie Day, a long time US devotee.

In Malaysia you can listen to the live broadcast on Wednesday , May 23rd at 0300am.

The live radio interview will be at the link below:

Laurie will be asking such questions as:

  • “Is it possible to change our future and the future of humanity?”
  • “Will You describe the Now, the Present Moment? What is the experience of being fully Present…Here and Now?”
  • “Will You clarify Detachment and Non Doership? How do they relate to real Love, Unconditional Love?”
  • “Is spending so much time on cell phones and computers good for children?”
  • “What are the qualities of a spiritually Mature person?”
  • “How do we pray to the Divine for a loved one who has departed?”
  • “You have said, ‘Letting Go is the biggest leap a human can take in crossing the illusion of this universe.’ Will You please share more about this?”
  • “Is it guaranteed that we will all go back to God?”

Once the interview has been broadcast it will be available on to listen to at your convenience.