The Festival of Navarathri, sacred to the Mother Goddess was celebrated from 2nd to 11th October...

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New Year Message

Festivals come, we consider them as auspicious to celebrate and enjoy. We want to be happy. If we practice right things throughout our life we can always be happy. Though festivals are there to enjoy, eat and be happy we should...

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Celebration of Swamiji’s Tapas

 7 August 2015 Imagine if suddenly God comes in front of you one day and asks you what do you want to do? What would your mind think? Maybe a million dollars, maybe a big kingdom, maybe greatpower? And so on, of the worldly...

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The importance of a Guru

From the preface by Shri Babaji in 'Guru Charanaambujam - at the Lotus Feet of the Divine Guru' The first time that I heard something about a Guru was from my mother when I was a child. Telling the importance and greatness of a...

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